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Choreography: Ronald K. Brown

Music: Jason Moran

Lighting Design: Clifton Taylor

Costumes: Keiko Voltaire


….So Subtle Are The Wings of Angels

That you may not realize they’ve come and gone, except

That innerly remains a glowing

Which seems just as good as knowing

© Alan Harris


The Subtle One supported in part by Fund For The City of New York, Mary McCormick, Aziza, Reginald Van Lee, Robert Kristopher Haynes Melinda Parham , Janet D. Cox, Ariel Shearman, Melinda Nugent, Theara Ward, Audrey T. Woods, Joanna Dawe, Maurine Knighton, Anne Pollack, Marie Guinier, Sean Curran, Edward Robinson, Akilah Clarke, Sharon Luckman, and Cynthia Singh

photo by: Ayodele Casel

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