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The New York Times

November 7, 2014

.."...Deep, spiritual seriousness. A sophisticated mastery of stage space. Music that makes you want to move. A vocabulary, drawn from many parts of the African diaspora, that Mr. Brown has developed into a personal language that’s flexible, richly expressive and irresistibly kinetic..."

November 25, 2014

"... Brown takes his audiences to church ... a sense of grounded spirituality and abiding humanism that runs through his dances like a deep vein, including the three Boston premieres that he and the eight exquisite dancers of his EVIDENCE, A Dance Company."

June 6, 2014

"... Always the daze of pleasure as the movement washes over you like a wave thick with sand. As for theme, ever the spiritual path... "

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 “These ravishing creations, danced exuberantly and tirelessly, portraying the African Diaspora under a corona of hope and splendor.” 


                         - John Fidler, Reading Eagle

photo by: Julieta Cervantes

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