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Choreography: Ronald K. Brown

Music: Stevie Wonder

Lighting Design: Dalila Kee

Costume Design: Omotayo Wunmi Olaiya



Premiering in 2011, On Earth Together is inspired by and set to the music of Stevie Wonder. The piece takes its name from Wonder’s moving ballad, ‘You and I’ and is a study in compassion and relationships, not just between individuals but between indi­viduals and the world around them. In several moments, there are pairs dancing with, and to, each other, expressing the theme of connectedness and care. Brown asserts, “The more I discover and imagine I see the work as a commitment to making the world a better place: a loving & compassionate place to celebrate a world-view. The music of Stevie Wonder often speaks to the state of the world, asking questions of oneself and to society at large.” The movement vocabulary in On Earth Together includes the intentions in dance related to purpose and carving a way.  In 2012, Brown added Everybody at the Table, which includes the inspirational ‘Higher Ground’, strengthening the sense of commitment and promising better days ahead.

Co-commissioning support provided by: NJPAC Alternate Routes/ New Jersey Performing Arts Center, University of Florida Performing Arts, Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, Alabama Dance Council, and Reginald Van Lee

This piece was created in part during the residencies at The Tisch Dance Residency Festival

photo by: Matt Karas

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