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Choreography: Ronald K. Brown

Music: Arturo O’Farrill Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble

Costume Design: Keiko Voltaire

Lighting Design: Tsubasa Kamei


Iorn Meets Water: New Conversations, EVIDENCE’s latest work set to original music by Grammy Award Winning composer Arturo O’Farrill, features five sections that allow the dancers to lead and follow each other into a space cleared for what is RIGHT. In each of the distinct sections - Clearing the Jungle, Iron Meets Water, Dance of the Elements, Elegua, and Free-play - the dancers perform contemporary and Afro-Cuban dance as an embodiment of O’Farrill’s music.


Music for New Conversations was commissioned by The Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation, and was created in part during a Jacob’s Pillow Dance Creative Development Residency, with additional support

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