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Choreography by: Ronald K. Brown

Music by: Civilla D. Martin, Charles Gabriel, Patti Labelle, Nona Hendryx, Sarah Dash, Edwards Batts, James R. Budd Ellson, James Williams, Joseph Harris, Charles Whittington and Leonard 'Butch' Davis, and Various Artists mixed by DJ MKL

Costumes: Omotayo Wunmi Olaiya

Lighting by: Brenda Gray

Text by: Essex Hemphill


Better Days was a New York dance club that opened in the 1972 and closed in 1988. The club opened again for several years in 1990.


The club was a place where women and men gathered to celebrate identity and freedom using the music and dancing to express their liberation.  The dance “Better Days” is performed by a cast of men to telling stories of loss, perseverance and love.  Choreographer, Ronald K. Brown was awarded a New York Dance and Choreography Award (Bessie) for Better Days.

art work by: Ray Mobley

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