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Beth Young Scholarship


In honor of a great dancer and close friend who loved taking class with Ronald K. Brown and studying traditional dances of the African Diaspora, EVIDENCE created the Beth Young Scholarship for pre-professional dancers to experience classes that inform Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE aesthetic and style.

This Scholarship offers students full participation in the EVIDENCE Dance Workshop Series, along with experiencing EVIDENCE company class/rehearsal and are featured in the Community Performance August 18.   

Scholarship students are selected by an application process based on their joy and love of dance, and their drive to become a professional dancer.

2018 Beth Young

Scholarship Recipients

Breyanna Maples     

Raianna Brown        

Kristen King           

Alicia N. Thompson  

Marnita Billups        

Antonio Harvey       

Deuana Robinson    

Austin Coats      

Necy Kelly              

JoJo Boykins           

Sakarah Hall-Edge        

Morgan Walker            

Christopher Salango      

Angelo Ormskerk           

Olivia Hulsey              

Liethis Hechavarria        

Elaisa van der Krust

Ronnell Kitt                          

Dianna Anderson-Guerrero

Paris Jones                          

Freyani Patrice       

David Parker                        

Nia Smith      

Xavier DeMar         

Joyce Delores       

Larry Rosales                     

Aminah Jackson                   

Tristian Griffin

Christopher Dorsey             

Jai Perez

Naomi Johnson  

Jacob Daniels

Noah Daniels

Gabrille Daniels

Melissa Broode

Joniece Boykins

Anysia Kelly

Winny Benaiah

Bri Wright

Melissa Boode

Aja Carlton

Jasmine Powell

Nijah Mentor

Brieona Carter

Quiante Thomas